About Us

Seeing God at work around the world, Jonathan’s House International doesn’t just believe that local leaders can bring about change in their own communities. We put this belief into practice by investing in three leaders and their organizations in Sierra Leone, Chad, and Ghana.

For several years we have looked at underdeveloped countries and identified poverty with a lack of material needs. The truth is that poverty is complex and stems from a person’s broken relationship with themselves, other people, God, and creation. Jonathan’s House International works with local leaders who take the time to walk with people, find the root cause of their brokenness, and look for solutions that lead to healing.


And guess what? It works!

After investing in local leaders for over a decade, Jonathan’s House International is more dedicated than ever to our mission: Walking with communities to bring spiritual and physical transformation.

Do you want to walk with communities and see their God given potential?

Our sponsors, donors, church partners, and mission trip goers are also transformed by entering into a complementary relationship with these organizations and their leaders.


You will see that brokenness and shalom is something we can all experience. You will see that our communities are filled with rich resources. You will experience God in their beautiful culture. You will be a neighbor. You will be spiritually transformed.


Do you know why we are called Jonathan’s House International?

Jonathan means “Yahweh has given”. We believe that God has already provided us everything we need through our relationship with Him, with one another, and with creation.

House in scripture means “the will and what is of the will. Knowledge and wisdom”. We want to use wisdom to reconcile creation to God’s intended design through smart development practices and discipleship.

International comes from our desire to go wherever God leads us. We do not feel called to one place, but are ready to serve the multitude from every nation, tribe, people, and languages; building the Kingdom of God.