Our Community

Jonathan’s Child Care Ministries, Vida’s Cycling Program, and Missionary Marc see the potential in their communities. We are passionate about investing in these organizations spiritually and using wise development practices to bring about change.

You will see us disciple local leaders, support them in fulfilling the Great Commission, celebrate the resources and gifts God has already given to these communities, help bring reconciliation, empowering others to experience human dignity, and most importantly you will see us walk this journey for the long haul.

International Partners

Jonathan’s Child Care Ministries

Location: Bo, Sierra Leone

Jonathan’s Child Care Ministries was founded in 2002 post war in Sierra Leone to help meet the needs of their orphaned crisis. This organization has evolved to become a pillar in the community. JCCM’s mission is to invest in those who hold the future – children. They seek a holistic approach by investing in education, family preservation, agriculture, and discipleship. While JCCM still has an orphanage home, it has successfully reunified 10 children to their family. This organization is led by Winston Davis, a Sierra Leone native who spent much of his young adult life being educated in England. Winston and his family decided in 2009 that they wanted to live a different kind of life and relocated to Sierra Leone. In 2015 Winston became director of JCCM in Bo Town. Winston is a man of integrity with a deep desire to serve the Lord faithfully. He is the type of leader that always stands for what is right no matter the cost. Winston fathers the children at the JCCM orphanage, is a change agent for education, and has a passion for teaching God’s word.

Vida’s Cycling Program

Location: Apeguso, Ghana

Vida Juliet Vivie is a native Ghanaian from the community of Apeguso who found her God given purpose in advocating for and serving her community. Vida’s life was changed by cycling and now she has created her own nonprofit to help change the life of others in the same way. Her mission is to encourage and support vulnerable children, orphans, and females cyclist. Vida does this by teaching cycling, bicycle mechanics, and doing health outreach in communities. She believes that participating in cycling activities and continuous encouragement is a capacity building tool that will help vulnerable children succeed in other areas of life. Vida has a heart for children with mental and physical health obstacles. She works with families and through the local church to transform the lives of others.

Chadian Military Chaplain

Location: N’Djamena, Chad

Marc Toingar Ndogadji is a Christian Chaplain for the Chadian Military. A series of life events led him to become a pastor at the Baptist Church in Loumia, a small city outside of the capital. In this same community was a great military center. Marc saw that the lifestyle of the soldiers was criticized by the church. He began to pray for God to reveal how he could impact these soldiers. He started meeting them one by one and it has now turned into his full time mission. Marc travels across his country handing out bibles, preaching, and discipling soldiers in the Chadian Military. Marc has helped build a church on a military base and created a prayer chain across fellow believers in his country. Despite the extreme war in their country, Marc continues to share the Gospel. He is a passionate servant of the Lord who without fear shares Christ with others daily.